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According to European Comision report “The Erasmus Impact Study: Effects of mobility on the skills and employability of students and the internalization of higher education institutions”, students who have participated in a mobility activity have with 50% less chances to be unemployed one year after the graduation and improve by 42% the six personality traits the employers are looking for.


For this reason, The City Hall of Alzira is launching 10 European scholarships in order to provide the beneficiaries with a work experience abroad and at the same time, to give them the opportunity to improve their language skills. These scholarships are part of “ the Journey to Employability” programme.


The scholarship consists in carrying out 2 months of internship in different companies. The offers are the following: 3 scholarships in London, United Kingdon, 3 scholarships in Belfast, Northen Ireland and 4 scholarships in Malta. The internships will take place between from 6th of March until 30th of April 2017. (These dates might suffer modifications)


In order to offer to young people the opportunity to be part of this programme, the scholarship will cover: the travel cost, the accommodation, travel and accident insurance, local transport and will offer individual financial assistance for the maintenance (in the case of not included in accommodation). The search and allocation of a Host Company will be carried out by Alzira City Hall.


The scholarships will be awarded through competitive basis among applicants who meet the established requirements.




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