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Carlos Torres (Lic. Arquitectura)
 Irene González (Lic. Turismo)
Vicente Agustín Fenollar (Lic. ADE)
Sara Jubirre (Lic RRPP)
Carlos Cabanilles (DiseñadorGráfico)
Pablo Nitot (Téc. Comercio Internac)

The Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs programme is a transnational exchange programme which offers new entrepreneurs who wish to start a company the opportunity to learn from experienced entrepreneurs who are running small businesses in other European countries.


Experience exchanges occur while staying with experienced entrepreneurs. During a period of time, new entrepreneurs acquire the skills needed to run a small or medium business.


The duration of these exchanges can be between 1 to 6 months. Participantes receive financial support depending on the host country between 800 € to 1000 € per month.


The requirements for participating are being a European Union citizen, having set up business less than 3 years or idea of developing your own business which is shown by presenting business plan of your business idea.


If you have any questions you can check the project website or fill in the contact form to request an appointment with the team in charge.

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