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Pierre Girin
Noemie Nyts
Stefano Modestini
Claire Rabes
Blandine Alcoy
Stefano Tallarico

Eurodyssée is an exchange programme of the Assembly of European Regions (AER) which offers internships abroad from 3 to 7 months to young people aged between 18 and 30 years old. IDEA participates in this programme since November 2011 and it has hosted 5 young people so far. 


The objective is to allow young people to gain professional experience at the same time as they get an opportunity to learn a foreign language or to improve their knowledge. Here you can consult the available offers through the programme Eurodyssé+


If you want to participate in Eurodyssee programme you should submit your application to the Department of Finance and Public Administration that manages Eurodyssee in the Valencia Region. More information about requirements, procedures and documents to present, you can find here.


Young participants in the Eurodyssee programme in Alzira:


  • Claire Rabes 

  • Blandine Alcoy

  • Stefano Modestini

  • Stefano Tallarico

  • Noemie Nyst



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