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The administrative services of Agreement, Mediation and Arbitration in the Valencia region are assigned to the three labour sections with 12 meeting rooms. Half of these rooms are in the city of Valencia, two of them in Castellón and four others in Alicante.


The agreement signed by the City Council of Alzira to subscribe the meeting room in IDEA as one of these services aims to avoid journeys in order to access the service. A public servant will act as a moderator and the human resources in the administration will be optimized.


This decentralization of the SMAC service through municipal management reduces staff waiting time and may affect the time they have to submit a proposal thanks to the Wage Guarantee Fund (FOGASA).


Regarding workers, it prevents expiration of dismissal actions celebrating acts of reconciliation within fifteen day suspension of the limit to submit claims. This will speed up the process.


SMAC Office Alzira

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