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During December 2015, the AFIC Alzira launched the XIII edition of Window Dressing with the participation of 97 stores. The response from the public was on the increase and the city of Alzira was embellished with a Christmas motif during the holidays in order to promote seasonal sales.


The winners are awarded with a plaque and prizes that make a total amount of 2.650 €, depending on the jury decision, based in the competition rules. There are 10 prizes-the first prize consists of 800€ for the best showcase and a free stand in the Alzira Trade Fair, the second prize is of 500€ and the third prize is of 300€. Three more prizes are awarded for originality and wit worth 150€. Everything is paid through the credit card of Alzira.


In our photo gallery you can find photos of shop windows that were winners in recent years.

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