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With the objective to provide access to internet for the citizens of Alzira, the Local Development agency, IDEA, gives Internet courses. Since 2007, IDEA, organizes Internet courses throughout year. Within the INTERNAUTA Platform there are two levels: Basic (UBI) and Intemediate (UMI).



Inscription to courses is free and after the completion of the courses an Online Certificate is awarded by the Generalitat Valenciana programme. This certificate shows proves either a Basic or Medium level with Internet handling.


Students are assisted by classroom teachers who help solve any doubts. Students go through the learning schedule individually and in autodidactic way, by watching videos or doing tests and activities.




UBI consists of a total of 12 hours from Monday to Friday, 2 hours per day.

UMI consists of a total of 30 hours from Monday to Friday, 2 hours per day.




Classes are held in the INTERNET USER classroom located in IDEA. The maximum capacity is of 14 students per course.




For more information, visit the internauta website

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