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We believe training as an essential tool to enhance and adapt knowledge and professional skills of people throughout their lifetime.


With this idea we proposed annual training offers throughout 2013 which were mostly self–managed with the implementation of various training initiatives.


IDEA English Coffee aims to enhance learning of English as a second language. In 2010 was successfully launched Monographs IDEA, weekly lectures about different topics related to career guidance, training, employment and self–employment. Aware of the need to provide Internet access to all unemployed, IDEA started IdeaNet - Free Internet Access Point.


Our training offer includes free training workshops on ICT (Microsoft Office, presentations in Prezi, Social Networks workshops) and the Mentoring classroom project of the Ministry of Education, offering a distance learning platform with a wide range of training. Since 2007, we have been developing Internet courses (Internet user-Internauta) through the eLearning (e-formación) platform of the Valencia region.


The implementation of the Employment Workshop T'Estime has two specialties: Geriatric Assistant and Rehabilitation of buildings and the start of four Vocational Training for Employment courses (Database Administration, Application Development with Web technology, Accounting and Administrative Management for Audits and Integrated Human Resources Management) funded by the Valencian Employment and Training Service (SERVEF), completed our training offer for 2014.




IDEA offers you modern equipment for browsing the Internet. Come, request an access point and connect.

Seminars about career guidance, training, employment and self-employment, taught by experts and IDEA collaborators.

Employment training workshop T’Estime for unemployed in Geriatric Assistant and Building Rehabilitation.

Alzira Council is attached to "la Dipu te beca" program promoted by the Provincial Council of Valencia.

Alzira Council in collaboration with the Esplai Foundation launches program to certify knowledge and skills MOS

Elderly mobilized.  Workshops for people over 45 regarding Internet use in with tablets and mobile devices

Train yourself at your own pace through the online training platform of the Ministry of Education. The training is accredited, flexible and updated.

If you want to improve your level of English, you can join our free speaking groups, held by bilingual monitors. 

Vocational Training for Employment courses funded by SERVEF and aimed for unemployed.

Learn your way around the Internet. There are two levels, basic (UBI) and intermediate (UMI), certified by Valencian Generalitat.

Discover our training offer of free courses. In the IDEA media room you will acquire new skills and resources.

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