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The objective of this campaign is to connect shopping in the small commercial zone of Alzira with the local festivities and to make streets more vibrant those days through a series of various activities:


Radio in the street: On 16th and 17th  July, the Alzira Radio program: ‘El dia per davant’ will be broadcasted from the street between 9:00 and 13:00. In Plaza Mayor, on July 16 and in the Parque ‘Pere Crespí’, on July 17.


Shop in Alzira and gain free entrance tickets: Those who demonstrate to the broadcasting station that they have made a purchase of 20€ or more in Alzira, will receive an entrance ticket for the 18th July Concert of the ‘‘Grupo Dvicio’’. In total, 30 tickets will be equally distributed those two days and they will be granted on a first come, first serve basis.


Music in the street. On 17th July, we are also to find different activities in the streets made by music groups of the ‘‘Musical Society’’ of Alzira. Those will take place in La Vila, Pérez Galdós, and the Parcque ‘Pere Crespí’ between 18:30 and 20:30


The market shops will be adorned with balloons labeled with the lema of the campaign. Moreover, the campaign will be promoted through the distribution of posters installed in the urban furnishings and through publicity on radio and digital press.

Saint Bernard

Commerce Celebration

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