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On March 2015, the Municipality of Alzira became part of the so-called Red Orienta GV, a network integrating the companies which provide professional orientation services in the community of Valenciana.


That the Municipality of Alzira was granted admission to the ´Red Orienta GV´ illustrates that its work on the subjects of employment and career guidance is recognised and valued.  


The network`s objective is to boost employability, to increase its services` efficiency, and to build the capacity to take action through its integration into a global network of professional orientation as well as through actions being taken by the citizens themselves. Such a structure will prevent actions from being duplicated and will allow us to take advantage of all the resources available to our community with regard to career orientation.


If you are unemployed and you need our help in your job seeking, please make an appointment with our job advisors through an online application form or call us on 96 245 51 01 to book an appointment via telephone



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